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Change Agents

The following Change Agents are the inaugural recipients of the University’s Alfred Adler Social Justice Award, which honors faculty, staff, and students for activism promoting Adlerian values.

“In this day and age, the idea of bridging social distance, of living out the true ideal of social interest is, indeed, revolutionary,” said Elena Quintana, co-executive director of the Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice. Quintana presented the award at Adler’s Annual Retreat in March. “Individuals working to advance social interest are, therefore, true, even if unintended, activists in our midst.”

Carmelita Brooker
Carmelita Booker

A champion for young people, Carmelita Booker has a long history of social justice advocacy in the field...

Jerry Westermeyer
Jerry Westermeyer, Ph.D., Core Faculty Psy.D. Program

Twenty-seven times since 2003, longtime Adler faculty member Jerry Westermeyer has traveled to El Salvador, where he works with two...

civic learning
Center for Civic Learning and Community Action

Led by Director Camille Williamson, M.A., Adler’s Center for Civic Learning and Community Action makes civic engagement come...

Alumni News

Len Sperry
Dreikurs’ Last Student

Len Sperry, M.D., Ph.D., ABBP, professor and director of clinical training at Florida Atlantic University, and Clinical Professor...

Gary Howell
Inspire Socially Responsible Clinicians

Gary Howell, Psy.D. ’08, an associate professor and director of practicum training at the Florida School of Professional...

Jordan Pickell
Adler Transforms Us into Attuned, Confident Practitioners

Jordan Pickell, M.C.P. ’13, is currently a sexual assault counsellor at Vancouver’s Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape...

Richard Porcelli
Challenge Others to Think About What Community Means

Richard Porcelli, MOP ’11, director of learning and advisory services at the Boston-based national nonprofit Health Leads, develops...

Institutes + Centers

Center for Equitable Cities

Building upon its history of formative work within Chicago’s communities, Adler University is launching The Center for Equitable...

juvenile prison
Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice

In the fall of 2015, the Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice at Adler University was asked...

Marina Bluvshtein, Ph.D.
Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship

Marina Bluvshtein will join Adler University in fall 2017 as the new Director of the Center for Adlerian...

Taking Action

stop aids
Providing Care to the Underserved in Uptown

Adler Community Health Services (ACHS) has been awarded a $709,000 federal grant to expand a program providing primary care...

jobs not jails
Empowering At-Risk South Side Youth

A $50,000 grant from The Allstate Insurance Company enables Adler University’s Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice and Adler Community Health...

health equity
Fueling Health Equity in Chicago Communities

A $60,000 grant from Chicago Community Trust supports the integration of health equity measures in policy planning. Joining with...

addressing guns
Addressing Gun Violence Trauma

A $15,000 grant from MB Financial Bank has empowered Adler Community Health Services to develop a Crisis Response Team. The Adler Crisis...


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