Applying Alfred Adler’s Principles to Contemporary Practice

Recent Events Offer Adlerians the Chance to Learn and Connect

Summer 2018

President Crossman and Bluvshtein presented Katz with the 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award.

The Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship at Adler University recently hosted three trainings on key concepts and applications of Alfred Adler’s individual psychology. The events were also an opportunity for students, alumni, faculty, and practicum site supervisors to connect with fellow members of the Adler University community.

“Exploring the contemporary relevance of Alfred Adler’s psychology is vital to our work of being socially responsible practitioners,” said Marina Bluvshtein, director of the Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship. “Adler’s concept of Gemeinschaftsgefühl, the idea that our health resides in our community life and connections, is increasingly relevant today as political forces try to create divisions in our society.”

At the May 12 event on the Vancouver Campus, 56 attendees discussed topics including integrative art therapy, adaptive reorientation therapy and Alfred Adler’s teachings on social interest.

The Adlerian Play Therapy workshop in Chicago on May 4 welcomed about 90 people to explore how therapists can use play to create a safe environment for clients of all ages.

About 250 guests attended a March 23 workshop on the Chicago Campus exploring themes of power and empowerment in Adlerian therapy. The day ended with an awards reception recognizing three alumni for their contributions to the field and their commitment to the vision of Adler University.

Outstanding Alumni Awards

Hideko Sera, Psy.D. ’00, M.A. ’94, has worked to advance social justice and promote ethnic and racial diversity during her career. Sera is a past president of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology and is currently Associate Dean of the School of Education at the University of Redlands. She is also a former core faculty member at Adler University.

Ruth Katz, M.A. ’87, spent many years with Minneapolis public schools providing services for students with disabilities, designing community support systems, and counseling students and families. Katz also trained hundreds of Adlerian therapists as a didactic instructor.

2018 Lifetime Adlerian Achievement Award

Jane Griffith, M.A. ’82, played an important role in building Adler University. Griffith spent her career promoting Adlerian psychology through practice, lectures, and numerous books and articles. She is Professor Emerita, and her work is honored by an endowed scholarship fund at the University.

Chicago event attendees participate in a community art project.
A group of attendees display and discuss their art project.
Counselor, author, and trainer Jim Holder presented at the Chicago Adlerian workshop.
Bluvshtein (standing, third from left) is joined by Chicago Campus students at the Adlerian event.
President Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D., with Griffith, winner of the 2018 Lifetime Adlerian Achievement Award, and Bluvshtein.
Professor James Bitter from East Tennessee State University presents at the Vancouver event.
Bluvshtein presented Katz with the 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award.
Hala Buck discusses Adlerian concepts at the Vancouver event.
On the Vancouver Campus, guests reflect on what they learned at the Adlerian training.