Reflecting On Our Past and Future

Spring 2019

Harold Mosak, Bernard Shulman, and Raymond E. Crossman

After the passing of two of Adler University’s founders last year, I’ve spent time reflecting on their impact on our institution, our mission, our students, and our alumni. Harold Mosak and Bernard Shulman, along with Rudolf Dreikurs, founded our institution to share the revolutionary ideas of Alfred Adler. Mosak and Shulman taught hundreds of students over the years and served on our Board of Trustees, guiding the University to where we are today.

Shulman, Mosak, and Crossman at the Harold and Birdie Mosak Library Dedication
Shulman, Mosak, and Crossman at the Harold and Birdie Mosak Library Dedication
Crossman, Mosak, and Shulman at an Adler University commencement ceremony

Mosak and Shulman were among the board members who hired me as president more than 15 years ago. They mentored me and encouraged my growth as an Adlerian. And they challenged me to lead an Adlerian institution for the 21st century, one that shares Adler’s principles of social interest and social justice with a wider community. The growth of our university over the years was inspired by their tireless work and dedication over decades.

Across our campuses, we’re engaged in protecting and nurturing the legacy of Mosak and Shulman every day. That includes creating innovative new academic programs with an Adlerian focus, including a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) degree on our Vancouver Campus.

A first-of-its-kind program in Western Canada, our Psy.D. program recently graduated its first class of students. They are ready to take on Canada’s biggest social challenges as clinicians with an Adlerian worldview.

Our alumni are Mosak and Shulman’s most important legacy. I look forward to seeing how they advance social justice around the world for years to come.

Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D.